Smart People Create Their Own Future

  As the leading global online career site, represents the growing fied of job placement services available on the web. Founder jeff taylor describes it birth this way: “one morning i woke up at 4 a.m., and wrote an idea down a pad of peper  i keep next to my bed. I head this dream that i created a bulletin boad called the monster board. That became the original name the for company. When i got up, i went to coffe shop, and from 5:30 a.m. until about 10:00 a.m. i wrote the user interface for what today is is still a top destination for job seekers and one of the most visited domains on the internet. The firm represents it self as a “lifelong career network” that serves everyone from recent collage graduates all the way up to seasoned executive. But it new age of multimedia resumes and high-tech employment searches, networking sites such as careerbuilder, linkedln, and zomflo offer additional alternatives. Like the rest us, the monster needs to keep changing with the times.
    The new CEO of monster worldwide, inc., Sal lanuzzi, was hired to reinvigorate “the mnster” in face of tough competition. He says: “ Any company that grows as fast  as this one was bound to have some problems”. Now , there’s  no complacency at, no becoming comfortable with succes.
       The same challenge hold for you-no room for complacency. This book and your management course offer many ways to explore career skils and capabilities, and to identify and develop new ones. Take good advantage of the opportunity and always remember. What happens is up to you! There is no better  time than the present to commit to learning and personal growth.
  • Benchmark
 You don’t need to create your wn company like jeff taylor did to achieve career success. What you must do, however, is discover the learning “monster” whitin your sekf and commit it to academic success and career development. Remember-smart people create their own futures!
  • Self-Awareness
   When it comes to doing well as a student and in a career, a lot rests on how well you know your self and what you do whit this knowladge. Self-Awareness as an important career skill, but it is also one of those concept that is easy to talk about hard to master.
   What do you really know about yourself? How often do you take a critical look at your attitudes, behaviors, skills, personal characteristic and accomplishment?  Do you ever realisticallyasses your strengths and weaknesses from a career perspective-both as you see them and as other do?
    A high degree of self-awarenessis essential for personal adaptability, to be able to learn, grow, and develop in changing times, it sets a strong  fondation for stepping forward and making adjustment so that we can  always move  confidently toward the future. But true self-awareness means not just knowing your idealized self, the pperson you want to hope to be. it also means getting to know how you are percived through  the eyes of others.
   This figuere, called the johari window, offer a way of comparing what we know about ourselves whit what others know about us. Our “open” areas knwn to ourselves and others, are often small. The “blind spot”, “the unknown”, and the “hidden” areas can be quite large; they challenge our willingness and capacities for self-discovery.
      Think about thepersonal implications of the johari window. Are you willing to probe the unknown, uncover your blind spots, and discover talents and weakness that my be hidden? As your self–awereness expands, you will find many insights for personal growth and development.
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